The Garden of Edin and Boroughloch


The meadows of Edinburgh, formerly known as Boroughloch with it decades of history is not short of a story to inspire the imagination. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle dreaming up stories on his way to university while Darwin concieves evolution or perhaps that it used to be the main source of much of the city’s safe drinking water, a true Eden or garden of life.

In my opinion the site today could do a lot more to reconcile its former visions and enchanting past. Why let the culture and charm of the city stop at Greyfriars statue of Bobby?

In this project I aim to create a concept which organises three wonderfully neglected pavilions within the grounds of the meadows into a type of architectural triptych.

                                – The Edin Pavilion
                                – The Boroughloch Kiosk
                                – The Folie Hope